Construction Labour Relations Conference Joseph S. Mancinelli

Joseph S. Mancinelli

LiUNA International Vice President,
Canadian Director and Central and
Eastern Canada Regional Manager

Joseph S. Mancinelli is International Vice President, Canadian Director, and Central and Eastern Canada Regional Manager of LiUNA, the Labourers’ International Union of North America, a progressive union representing various sectors, primarily construction, with over 140,000 members across Canada and 500,000 North America-wide.

Mr. Mancinelli leads many of LiUNA’s entities including chairing the LiUNA Pension Fund of Central and Eastern Canada (LPF), one of Canada’s fastest growing pension funds, whose assets are nearing $11 Billion through investments in infrastructure development, private equity, real estate and money markets.

Joe is also President of his home local, LiUNA Local 837, is President of Liuna Group that oversees the Liuna Station Event Centre and is President of the LiUNA Local 837 Affordable Housing Corporation.

He is an advocate of relationship building, whether it be within LIUNA, with management partners, in the greater community or across global borders.

Joe is dedicated to community building and continues to dismantle barriers and empower opportunities in the skilled trades. Under his leadership as Co-Chair of the LiUNA Indigenous Department, he has established national partnerships with the Assembly of First Nation (AFN), First Nation Major Project Coalition, First Nation Summit, the Aboriginal Apprenticeship Board of Ontario, and numerous local communities with a significant focus on skills development and career building opportunities.

He is also dedicated to the higher representation of women in the construction industry. Working collaboratively with industry and government, he continues to set industry leading standards and ensure that Canada’s workforce remains at the center of all decision making and policy building.

He is committed to helping youth at risk, and to growing employment opportunities for our up and coming young workforce. Joe is a champion of benevolent causes. He is an ardent supporter of the arts, is passionate about the restoration of historical sites and is an accomplished artist in his own right.

Joe is a leader in community advocacy and fundraising initiatives, including children’s and community charities, hospital systems, natural disaster relief initiatives and cultural inclusiveness initiatives.

He has served on numerous boards currently including Invest Ontario and McMaster University’s Board of Governors.

He has been acknowledged as the recipient of many awards, including the Paul Harris Fellow, the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal, a Member of Hamilton’s Gallery of Distinction and was bestowed an Honorary Doctorate of Laws Degree from McMaster University to name a few.

Joe is a lifelong Hamiltonian. He and his wife Enza have been married for 38 years, they have five children and two grandsons.